Pancreatic Cancer Support

We provide direct and personal support to patients, caregivers and families impacted by a pancreatic cancer diagnosis.

Pancreatic Cancer Guide™

Pancreatic Cancer Guide™, helps patients and caregivers navigate the healthcare system and ensure adequate access to resources and care, ultimately improving patient outcomes and quality of life.

This virtual, one-on-one meeting with a Nurse gives you time to ask questions and learn about our programs available to help anyone dealing with pancreatic cancer. Click the button below to book a virtual appointment to speak to a nurse. 15 and 30 minute appointments are available.

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Digest This! PERT Calculator

We are very excited to have collaborated with the Canadian Digestive Health Foundation to bring you the Digest This! Online Calculator.

The calculator will calculate your maximum recommended PERT dosage per day using your weight and enzyme prescription as inputs in the Patient Profile section. This information will need to be entered each time since many people with PEI will have frequent weight and/or prescription changes.

Next, you will be prompted to enter the food & beverage items you are consuming for each meal.

Finally, our app will analyze the lipase units required to optimize your digestion and will calculate a custom PERT dosage based on your specific prescription.

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Peers With Pancreatic Cancer™ / Caregiver Peers

Peers with Pancreatic Cancer is a support group facilitated by our Patient Support Manager Erin where those with/affected by pancreatic cancer can come do check-ins, give and receive support, share stories, and learn about topics chosen by the group from the week prior.

Taking place on Zoom, registration will be required for each session with a maximum number of 10 participants per session.

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Patient Financial Support Grants™

The goal of our Patient Financial Support Grants™, is to provide financial aid to pancreatic cancer patients experiencing financial challenges, during their pancreatic cancer diagnosis.

Grants are provided to patients who are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and who meet the criteria for this program. Read the criteria carefully on page 1 - 2 in the application.

Craig’s Cause Pancreatic Cancer Society’s Patient Financial Support Grants™ are provided in $500.00 or $1000.00 amounts.

Download the application below.


Find the support and empowerment you need, from the comfort of your own home.

Support4Caregivers™ is an interactive support group for pancreatic cancer patients and caregivers which uses a confidential online platform, facilitated by professionals experienced in the unique pancreatic cancer journey..f

Receive support from other caregivers and share your story with people who truly understand. Register below for upcoming sessions, watch recordings from past sessions, and find other resources to support you.

Monthly support sessions are on the last Saturday of every month at

9:00 am Pacific

12:00 pm Eastern

1:00 pm Atlantic

Upcoming Support4Caregivers Group:

July 27, 2024 - Caregivers: The Forgotten Patients

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Past Support Groups on Youtube:

Ask a Doctor™

Our Ask a Doctor™ program was created in 2007 with the goal to empower patients and caregivers with knowledge, enabling them better navigate the pancreatic cancer journey and to self advocate for current standard of care and clinical trial options.

Our Medical Advisory Committee includes professionals from almost every healthcare discipline. 

Patients and caregivers are to complete the form below (by clicking on the button). The Medical Advisory Committee, responds within 48 hours.  We do not provide second opinions but we do provide recommendations for where patients can receive a second opinion, with an experienced specialist and information on clinical trials. 

If you have not heard back or require further assistance contact us at

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Patient Referral List - Pancreatic Cancer Specialists

The World Pancreatic Cancer Coalition recommends that pancreatic cancer patients have their symptom management and supportive care needs addressed at all stages of treatment.

Access to healthcare professionals who are experienced in treating pancreatic cancer can improve outcomes and is critical for the quality of life of patients.

We have created a list of institutions in Canada that have practitioners experienced in treating pancreatic cancer. We recommend receiving consultation at one of these centres.

NOTE: This list is not exhaustive. If you are a healthcare professional and would like your name included please contact us at

Patient Referral List

Pancreatic Cancer Clinical Trial Finder™

Pancreatic cancer patients who participate in clinical research have better outcomes. Clinical trials can advance research and improve treatment options.

The World Pancreatic Cancer Coalition strongly recommends that everyone diagnosed with pancreatic cancer is given the opportunity to take part in a clinical trial.

To learn more about what Clinical Trials are and the benefits of enrolling CLICK HERE

Finding the right clinical trial for both patients and caregivers can be overwhelming. In response to this, Craig's Cause Pancreatic Cancer Society has created a Clinical Trial Finder for Canadian Patients.

Click on the button and complete the information. We will send this on to our Medical Advisory Committee who will assist you in finding the clinical trial(s) best suited to you.

Clinical Trial FinderRecherche d'essais cliniques

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