Learn more about Pancreatic cancer risk factors, treatment, and management.


Educational Material

Craig's Cause Pancreatic Cancer Society understands the importance of providing a series of diverse educational materials to both patients and caregivers.

Education is central to increasing public understanding of the symptoms and impacts of pancreatic cancer. It is key to increasing survival rates and improving quality of care for those diagnosed.

The following educational materials are printable, however if you would like hard copies, contact us and we will mail them to you free of charge.

Email: info@craigscause.ca
Phone: 1-877-212-9582

Questions to Ask

We learn by asking questions. Good questions can lead to a better understanding of both the diagnosis and treatment options available.

Knowing what questions to ask, will empower patients and caregivers and provide opportunities to gather information, which will lead to better treatment and quality of life.

Print the following list of questions out. Highlight questions which pertain to the individual patient diagnosis and treatment. Take this list of questions to appointments.

Download Question List

Educational Videos