Learn more about Pancreatic cancer risk factors, treatment, and management.

Health Care Professionals & Pancreatic Cancer

Interactive Accredited E-Learning Module for Physicians

Date of Release: COMING SOON

Program objectives
After completing this online learning module, you will be able to:

  • Describe the current statistics and trends for pancreatic cancer incidence and prevalence 
  • Define the genetic and non-genetic risk factors associated with the development of pancreatic cancer 
  • Recognize the disease presentation and findings in the physical examination
  • Describe and utilize the diagnostic algorithm, particularly as it relates to the importance of an early diagnosis 
  • Provide an overview of the different treatment protocols and management of pancreatic cancer, including the referral procedure and current clinical trials 

The Rounds - Pancreatic Cancer Community for Healthcare Professionals

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National Pancreas Conference

We know that through the research of Canadian researchers, Dr. Michele Molinari, Dr. Scott Hurton, Dr. Robyn Urquhart, Dr. Winson Cheung and Dr. Julie Hallett, that a significant proportion of patients (46-60%) with advanced pancreatic cancer are not referred to a cancer center for treatment. This means that half of pancreatic cancer patients are not accessing standard of care. We know that minimal amounts of patients are enrolling in clinical trials. 

We also know that an early diagnosis is seldom made (10-20%). Most patients are diagnosed with metastatic disease (40-50%) and their early signs and symptoms go unrecognized or diagnosed. As a result, 92% of patients will die from their diagnosis across Canada in 2021, taking more lives than breast cancer. 

The priority of the Virtual National Pancreas Conference 2021 is to engage the healthcare community in current pancreatic cancer education sessions and discussions, which will highlight topics important to increasing pancreatic cancer survival rates and improving a patient's quality of life. 

We will do this by providing a variety of sessions, within various disciplines, which will have recognized international guest speakers facilitating.

We know that an early diagnosis, understanding of pathways to diagnosis, current standard of care, and knowledge of clinical trials and research, in Canada, will save lives.

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