Kingston Kruze

Register now and cycle along the beautiful Kingston Peninsula, while raising awareness and funds!

Joanne and Jeff Sparkes, along with our family and friends established Kingston Kruze after losing their mom Margie, to pancreatic cancer in 2017.

Their mom's diagnosis in 2016 came as a surprise, despite routine screening from a previous unrelated primary cancer diagnosis.They quickly learned that their mother’s story resonated with many of their friends and family. She was a picture of health. Both of their parents were outdoor enthusiasts who lived and breathed healthy lifestyles. However, like many other Canadians, the signs and symptoms were misdiagnosed.  

Upon diagnosis, the family read and researched everything that they could about current best practises in pancreatic cancer treatment and care. They did not accept the “go home and get your affairs in order” suggestion. The result? They found an oncologist who understood this disease and believed that patients could live with pancreatic cancer. Their mom enjoyed her life with her family and friends for another 12 months. She lived well. 

After her passing, Joanne and Jeff wanted to create an event that would honour their moms life but would also educate Canadians on the signs and symptoms of pancreatic cancer. Lastly, they wanted to raise money to support research initiatives that focused on early screening and detection methods and the development of more treatment options.  

Help them reach this goal! 100 participants and $5,000.00 raised! 

Date:  Sunday, September 12, 2021

Location: Elmhurst Outdoors

Food and Drinks: Pre-ride coffee and cookies. Post meal also included.


Long ride roll-out at 10am

Medium ride roll-out at 11am

Short ride roll-out at 12 noon

Routes to be posted on the FB event page.