Pedal for the Pancreas 2021 - Virtual Cycling Challenge

Anywhere in Canada
July 1, 2021

A 60 day virtual cycling event designed to challenge you, get you outside on your bike, and enjoying cycling in your own neighbourhood with family and friends.

When  you register,  choose a route that will challenge you, and after each ride,  enter your kilometres online and track your progress along your route.  You have 60 days starting on May 1st to complete your route distance.

Everyone must register as an individual but can join with others to form a funding raising team.

Step 1 - Get registered before the start date of May 1st, 2021.
Step 2 - Encourage your family and friends to register and join together in a fundraising team.
Step 3 - On May 1st - Starting cycling  - keep a record of the distance you have cycled and enter it into your Web Page at Race Roster.  You will  receive  emails about your progress and tourist sites you will be passing on your route through beautiful Nova Scotia.

The registration fee for this event is $35.

You can also choose to fundraise. All donations over $10 will be issued a tax receipt. All donations from this event will be used to fund programs under our pillars of support - Public Awareness, Healthcare Education, Patient Support and Research.

Register Now

Event Details

Register TODAY from any province or territory and experience our Atlantic Bubble safely!

Welcome to the East Coast of Canada! Join us, Craig's Cause Pancreatic Cancer Society, and learn about historic Nova Scotia, while touring various coastlines, scenic routes and historic sites!

Due to COVID-19 many "in person" travel and events have been canceled once again, BUT Pedal for the Pancreas -Virtual Cycling Challenge allows you to:

1. Participate in an event designed to fit your personal abilities.
2. Select a specific cycling route, based on personal preference and abilities.
3. Virtually tour Nova Scotia, while learning and experiencing many beautiful places.
4. Invite your family and friends to join you.
5. Allows you to CHALLENGE friends and family, with distances and routes selected.

Register now and MAKE A CHANGE, while discovering Atlantic Canada's Ocean Playground.